Thursday, April 10, 2014

2Dual Inc. Announces-Finally the Solution to Dyslexia Using Groundbreaking Technology

The launch will incorporate a screening of "Dislecksia: The Movie" joined by a board dialog with executives, performers, engineering innovators, and education masters.

Key proficiency facts in the U.s.:

42 million grown-up Americans can't read or are constrained to fourth or fifth evaluation perusing material. The health awareness industry appraises that $73 billion for every year is used on unnecessary social insurance overheads attributable to poor education.

60% of all jail prisoners are practically unskilled.

Rock n' roller group of dyslexics and a dream master incorporate:


Performing artist Sarah Joy Brown said, "In the event that you can transform somebody's life before he/she gets into a humiliating circumstance, then you're changing the world in an exceptionally excellent manner."

For extra data, contact: Dusten Pecor at 858.621.3925 or dpecor(at)2dual(dot)com.

Something like 2dual Inc.:, a non-profit portable application organization that makes assistive innovation for dyslexics and individuals who battle with disentangling print content (vision disabilities,

ESL, elderly, unseeing, harmed military, education and other taking in contrasts

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